Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Try to visualize that you are a college athlete, you would have a busy schedule. To start off your day, you wake up for an early morning practice. Following your early morning practice is all of your classes, that usually last all afternoon. After your classes are over, you finish your day with another practice that usually lasts until the end of the night. You now have to follow this schedule for six or seven days out of the week for the entire school year, sounds exhausting right? College athletes should get paid to pay because they dedicate a lot of time to their teams, they do not have time for a job, the school receives a great amount of money from the games that they perform in, and a salary would help student-athletes learn how to …show more content…

The hours that’s spent practicing and playing in games is comparable to the time and an average American puts into their career, if not more. Not many college athletes are able to snag a scholarship and when they do it’s not very much. Only one percent of all college athletes make it to the professional levels so it’s important that they are paid for all of their hard work.

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