Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Over the past few years, the idea of paying college athletes has been a very hot and sought after topic to talk about. Many people desire and strive to one day be good enough at a sport that they can get a scholarship to continue their athletic careers. There has been many questions circulating in regards to if collegiate athletes should be paid to play for universities. Gaining an education and degree for cheaper than everyone else attending college should be more than enough to keep athletes playing for colleges. College athletes should not be paid to play their sport. The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletics Association and they decide all of the rules and regulations that are to be placed and abided by their athletes. Most athletic scholarships come from NCAA sanctioned schools and sports. The NCAA has major restrictions on how student athletes can obtain money and income. They have just recently changed rules in regards to endorsement deals, but what hasn't been changed is the way that student athletes do not get paid for playing their sport. They are able to get scholarships and …show more content…

Rather it focuses on playing for money, which is not ethical. Money is important but ultimately these individuals are there to play a sport and gain an education, not to become rich. These individuals are not employees and paying them would then eliminate many people playing for the right reasons, because they love the game. An article published talking about how much the sports industry has changed over the years says, “Some fans say college athletics are more interesting to watch because the athletes play purely for the pride of their school and hopes of some day being signed to a professional organization” (Jones, 2012). These athletes make watching college sports more interesting because they are not there for the money, and quite frankly should not be there solely for the

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