College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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The NCAA made about 845 billion dollars in the year of 2011 from all the college athletes that went to the colleges, but not any of this money went to any of the college athletes. Now does this sound fair to you? There have been many arguments between people debating if their college athletes should be paid or not. People think that they should be paid because of all the hard work and effort that they put in games. In March Madness, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) make an extreme amount of money, but colleges didn’t put in any work, the athletes did. People who disagree think that they shouldn't be paid because they get a free scholarship, but it is arguably since a scholarship is not what you the only thing needed to survive. …show more content…

In the video “UConn Guard: I go to bed starving” it states that, “There are hungry nights that I go to bed starving. It is definitely best to get a scholarship to our universities but at the end of the day that doesn’t cover everything.” This quote means that even though college athletes get a scholarship it is still not enough money to live through college. As Shabazz Napier said, “It’s definitely best to get a scholarship… that doesn't cover everything.” These colleges have the money but decide not even to give any to the athletes to buy essential basic needs like food and water. It is truly hard for these players to live up to the expectations by the NCAA. In the article “Why College Athletes Should be Paid” states that, “They need to be insured medically so their bodies cannot further develop lingering problems due to injury or stress on the tissues, muscles, and bones.” This quote means that colleges athletes are not medically insured and have to pay the total prices for medical treatment. This can be overwhelming especially with a shortage of money. This could lead that these athletes won’t be able to compete as well as other players. If they get injured or hurt they won’t have the money to pay since they would be broke from not making any money. If athletes don't get paid the colleges can’t always expect for the college athletes to perform well throughout games and be able to use all their effort since they won’t be healthy or strong will out any cash. They might be afraid of the expenses that they will have to pay if injured. If colleges don't pay the athletes the athletes might perform badly in games which will draw fewer people spending their money to see them. This is one of the reasons college athletes should be

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