Should College Athletes Get Paid Analysis

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Why do colleges think that they can get millions of dollars off of college athletes and not give money back to them for earning it all? Michael Rosenberg, Laura Pappano, and Joe Posnanski were three out of the four authors that I read about that shared their views on college athletes getting paid or not in their articles. Between all of these three writers i noticed they all mentioned how much money colleges receive from just ticket sales. Joe Posnanski and Michael Rosenberg both agree that college athletes should get paid, Laura Pappano on the other hand was more focused on the money that the colleges are receiving from just ticket sales, booster donations, and cable deals. She also expresses her concern on how every time the basketball and football team win three games in a row , the GPA of the players goes down by 0.3. Meaning that …show more content…

Now that would seem to be better than getting paid in some people's perspectives. Even though Posnanski is aware of the benefits the student-athletes are already getting yet he still finds a way to include this thought provoking statement, Posnanski says “The biggest argument for paying the athletes comes down to this: college players (those stars especially) are the reason why these schools are generating so much money and so they deserve a much bigger piece of the pie. These sports are about them”. Each college sports ( focusing on football and men's basketball ) earn around 50 million dollars a year. Now that's a lot of income from just 2 sports. According to Should college student-athletes be paid? By Marc Edelman, 50 colleges report annual revenues that pass 50 million dollars and 5 colleges report annual revenues that pass more than 100 million

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