College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Over recent years a question that has been of popular discussion is, should college athletes get paid? Throughout the past few decades college sports have become as popular as professional sports in America. As of right now college athletes do not get paid although many people believe that they should. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) brings in an average of six billion dollars annually, which is because of the athletes so why should they not get paid? College athletes promote the school they attend by playing, and with all the money they bring to the school there is no reason they should not get some type of compensation.
There are many reasons as to why college athletes should get paid, Kevin Ware is a perfect example. On March 31st 2013, during the Elite Eight game …show more content…

If his statement is true, then why shouldn’t college athletes get paid? With their success they endorse their college, through ticket sales, merchandise, media, and branding. A Duke Blue Devils sweatshirt can sell for up to $100, but without the success they’ve had because of their athletes would people still be inclined to purchase it? Tickets to attend a Duke Blue Devils basketball game can range up to $1000, but college athletes don 't see any of that money even though they are the ones providing the entertainment which certainly does not seem right. In the same article Brian Frederick said “ Fans must understand that college sports is a big business”, and this is very true, but the reason it is such a big business is because of the athletes. If you take away the athletes from college sports you take away college sports and a multitude of money. “Players at top-tier schools such as Duke are worth up to $1 million each.” With a staggering number such as a worth of one million dollars each it is truly mind boggling that athletes do not get any type of

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