Should Student Athletes Be Paid

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For the past decade or more there has been one topic that has been a hot button of conversations for student-athletes. Many people think that it is whether they should stay and get their degree or go professional early, but it’s not but rather should student athletes be paid. This topic has brought up many spirited and heated debates on the topic. There are multiple reasons why student-athletes should and shouldn’t be paid. I will provide reasons why they should and shouldn’t and then I will give my answer. When people say that student-athletes shouldn’t be paid they say that their job is to go to school and get their education. But they don’t have the time to have a job like many other students. When asked why not they are told that they …show more content…

But for football players they will give them gifts when the team makes a bowl game. The NCAA had an investigation when some football players from Florida State University (FSU) sold their books back to have some money. Many people think that the players should have been kicked out of school because they seemed they were cheating the school. Many people think that college athletes should be paid even some coaches who coach them. The NCAA will allow coaches and conferences to make as much money at the player’s expense and have the players out in the cold. The NCAA recently brought NIT for over a billion dollars a few years ago and said that the collegiate athletes weren’t getting paid. In college football there are considered five power conferences which consist of ACC, SEC, PAC-12, BIG10, and BIG 12. These conferences bring in the best athletes in the country to attend their programs and pay the coaches upward to 10 million dollars a year. A coach like Jim Harbaugh of the University of Michigan (UM) has been on record saying that college athletes should be paid. All of the college conferences have television deals that range from 12 million dollars to 240 million dollars a year due to the

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