NCAA Athletes Should Be Paid

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I strongly believe NCAA athletes should be paid for their contribution to the NCAA. These athletes are directly responsible for the generation of revenue for the NCAA and the Universities. Head coaches garner up to seven million dollars a year and the top-tier athletes currently receive $5,000. There 's no arguing that the players contribute more to a team than the head coach. If athletes were paid more, the likelihood that more athletes would achieve their four years of eligibility with the NCAA would be higher. One athlete. Jadeveon Clowney stated, “If I would have had the chance to take care of my family through college, I would have probably stayed in college." This spike in draft-worthy athletes remaining in college for four years would definitely increase long-term revenue for the NCAA. The average college athlete will spend $3,000 out of their pocket during the season on top of living off food stamps, which the taxpayers provide. This indicates that top tier athletes are only raking in a whopping $2,000 dollars a year. A three star recruit may not even break even after the season.
March Madness, a renowned NCAA basketball tournament, makes up to $1 billion a year for three weeks of basketball. With the rapid pace of these games and the frequency of play time for …show more content…

There are many more reasons to attend a University. As a student enters a University, they will examine the quality of education they are receiving, the prestige regarding the University, and the atmosphere present on the campus. I believe that athletes should look closer at these aspects, along with tradition of the program and how they fit into that program, instead of the dollar amount they’ll see on payday. This problem could easily be solved by paying these athletes accordingly after they sign with the school, making money a second

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