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  • Cross Country Running

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    enjoyment of running is not completely tied up in winning or losing; however, nothing motivated me more to become a better runner than not being able to represent my school at the state meet during the 2014 cross country season. I joined the team in 2013 during my sophomore year, and I enjoyed early success as I made the varsity squad. Our boys’ team entered regionals with a chance to run at state, but we missed it by a few points. Soon, it was my second season of cross country running. This year was

  • Personal Narrative: My Running Cross Country

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    The impression that most people get about my running cross country is that I'm always doing it. This assertion is actually not true, but it certainly seems that way to outsiders (those that don't run), and even I start to believe it sometimes. My training happens like clockwork, a routine that is both dependable and comfortable. Six or seven days out of every week I put on running clothes and hit the streets, sometimes training twice in one day if I need to get a certain number of miles in. I have

  • Personal Narrative: Running In A Cross Country

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    Have you ever ran in a cross country meet? I have ran in countless cross country meets; I have been running cross country for eight years now. Every race I run is a challenge, no matter what, because I push by body to its limit. Most people do not consider cross country to be fun. The enjoyable part is definitely not the race itself, but the feeling afterwards knowing that I kept pushing myself when my body and mind were both telling me to stop. Our cross country teams won our first meet of the season

  • The Importance Of Running In A Cross Country

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    Throughout my high school years, my cross country coach has always told me, “running is a mental sport, which is why it is so tough.” This saying stuck with me throughout my junior year of high school, especially after the cross country season. I have a love/hate relationship with cross country, but it 's shaped who I am today. Running is pain, plain and simple, that is what everyone runner goes through during every race. It took me a short time to come to terms with that fact. That is not to

  • Cross Country Running Style Analysis

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    People think that cross country is easy and doesn´t have any difficulty. They are wrong! Cross country doesn’t only consist on running at a constant pace throw a considerable distance. When comparing the running styles of a track runner and cross country runner we notice a huge difference. As when running cross country you need to move the different parts of the body in an optimum position to ensure your performance is the best. Firstly runners should establish a base level of endurance to compete

  • Personal Narrative: Jumping Across The Field

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    can’t hear anyone behind me, I must be a good 10 meters in front of everyone else. I run around the track and continue to sprint across the field back to the crowd of parents, friends, and girls soccer players who were forced to attend this last cross country meet of the season. As I continue to approach the group, my mind and body turn numb, Everyone is cheering for me, and I realize that I’ll never experience this again. I’m practically floating through the course, still no other runners are near

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A College Athlete

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    swapped out field hockey for cross

  • Essay About Cross Country Meet

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    The second thing that I have attended for learning outside the classroom was the Heidelberg Cross Country Meet. This would be like my fifth cross country meet I have attended in my life and they are different than football or volleyball. I like cross country meets get some walking in and cheer them on and watch people do something as simple as running and have fun. The athletes get to run on some pretty cool courses some places so I think it is neat. There are multiple reasons why I choose

  • Personal Narrative: I Am Not A Quitter

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    hear were my own taunting thoughts. Can I finish? Is it over yet? Come on, I am not a quitter. All summer, my friends and family encouraged me to do cross country. “Come on - get involved! Be part of a new team!” They insisted. I ignored them, being the stereotypical teenager, I thought I was right. How did they know? They didn’t do cross country, I thought... but didn’t say. About three weeks before school started, I caved in and went to a practice with Sam. She as well had mixed feelings about

  • Descriptive Essay: Founding Fathers

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    The next few weeks were spent just eating out at amazing places, and just having an overall good time. We went to buffalo wild wings, dairy queen, and subway. Finally, one morning after having a long running practice for cross country, Carson informed us the shirts were in, and amazingly the day was a Wednesday. We all wore the shirts so proud that day, but little did the group know, this would be the last glory day of the Wednesday Night Eaterz. During that day,

  • The Things They Carried Journal Analysis

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    Journals Bloom, Harold. Tim O'Brien's The things they carried. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2005. Print. Entry 1 In the first chapter titled “The Things They Carried,” the author said that they carried the physical items like ponchos and ammunition, but what resonated with me was how he described the intangible things that each of them carried. They carry the life that they left back in the United States. I can’t imagine what it would be like to leave the life that’s lived for eighteen

  • Making It Happen: Concussions In Professional Football

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    make you dizzy. I’ve only known one person who had a concussion and I didn’t look at it as an injury because he seemed fine, but I didn’t know about his symptoms. Getting this concussion was from playing a “friendly” game of soccer after running a cross country race. After that

  • Personal Narrative-Track Race

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    track race 2015 It was saturday when I had a race at sparta and I was in the car with my dad because it was raining outside so we waited for the rain to stop then I would find my team.As I watch the rain fall from the big black sky I could see the ran drop fall one by one.When the rain stopped Me and my dad got out of the car we we walked to find my team. Then after a couple minutes I saw my team and I said¨dad I see my team their over by the starting line¨.After I got there I was the last

  • Personal Narrative: Building A Cross Country Team

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    to my school. The ladies’ soccer coach, Mrs. Taft decided to start a cross country team. I knew this was nothing compared to my evening jogs at home, so I was not so sure if I was willing to try out for the team. I knew a majority of the soccer players would participate, and I knew I did not have as much potential as they did. One afternoon, there was an announcement for students who were interested in joining the cross country team. I felt like I did not want to care, but deep down, I knew I really

  • Interview Essay-Alexander Auch

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    This years cross country went off pretty well if you ask Harrisburg cross country runner Alexander Auch, If you ask him he will tell you that his favorite part of the season was watching his teammates improve and grow as a better runner and placing top 10 in just about every race and getting first in Brookings with a time of 16:40.66 and getting second as a team. Alex isn 't sure yet what he will do running wise after High School but he says if he get the opportunity to run in college he will take

  • Why Running Is Important To Me

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    I have participated in in cross country and track since seventh grade. Running is very important to me because I have put so much hard work into it and I always push myself knowing I can take it to the next level because I want to be the very best I can be. When I started my running career in seventh grade I wasn’t the fastest but I stuck to it and kept pushing myself. By my eight grade cross country season I was the fastest. It was a life changing experience and made me realize I have something

  • Personal Essay: My First Cross Country Career

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    I have run cross country for four years. It has been one of the biggest obstacles I have had to face. Cross country is one of the most challenging sports. Runners must learn how to pace themselves and be able to keep that speed going for a little over three miles which is not easy. My first cross country season was extremely difficult. I had no idea how to pace myself, I did not even run at practice, and I put other sports over cross country at the time. Over the years, I have learned how to do all

  • Cross Country Benefits

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    joining cross country was to prove to my self and others that I have the will the never give up. XC is a tough sport that nobody can magically get good at over night. It took dedication and hard work to get to where you are at the end of the season. I remember running a 26:43 in 9th grade but I practiced and practiced. Now I hold a personal record of a 18:41 for my last year of cross country in high school. That is a great improvement in my 4 years of running cross country. Cross country is a part

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Cross Country

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    Never did I ever think that I would enjoy a sport of just simply running, and I looked at the kids running on the track wearing short shorts and thought to myself how goofy they looked wearing them. Well, long story short, I stopped playing football after seventh grade because my coach wouldn’t let me play defense. Subsequently, I ended up joining Cross Country so I could continue playing sports during the fall season. Cross Country at the modified level was a breeze; I was winning a lot of races

  • Cross America Personal Narrative

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    been able to participate in athletics nearly as much as I would have liked. I started running track in the spring of my seventh grade year. I performed surprisingly well and decided to participate in cross country the next fall. I spent the summer training and preparing for the season, and it definitely showed. I ran in the varsity race for my first cross country meet ever. I was an eighth grade girl who was running the same workouts as the junior and senior boys. My team won the conference meet and