Personal Narrative: How Deca Changed My Life

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Ever since I was a kid I didn’t think that I was good at anything. My pastor said that everyone had a calling, a gift, something that nobody else can do better than that person. It was so hard watching people around me find their gift, like my sister. My little sister is good at about anything art related. She can draw, play the flute, and if she ever did theatre she would probably be good at that too. It was really discouraging watching her find her gifts at age twelve and I was fifteen and wasn’t good at anything. I tried a lot of different classes to see what I was good at. I tried chorus in middle school, theatre, and volleyball. Until I finally found my gift.
My junior year I joined this club called DECA which prepares future entrepreneurs for finance, marketing, hospitality, and management in high school and in college. Students compete against other students in different categories. I decided to do DECA because I really liked all of the
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I wanted to makes sure I won and I knew it would have been hard to win competing in a category with so many people. At states, the Sports & Entertainment marketing category had over two hundred people in it and the Principles of Hospitality & Tourism category has eighty-eight people in it.
At states I won three medals: NC DECA Certification award for passing the written exam, NC DECA Series Event Finalist Winner, and NC DECA State Finalist. I was six in my category and I almost made it to nationals but I had to be in the top five to go. I was so happy that I had actually accomplished something on my own. I didn 't even care that I didn 't get to go to nationals.
That day I knew that I could do anything that I set my mind to I just have to work hard. After that day I knew that I had to do something with business when I grew up, that 's why I want to be a corporate lawyer. I am so happy that I found my
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