Three Types Of People: The Three Most Successful People

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Most successful people have things that are common between them and that is talent, hard-work, and good fortune. There are three types of people: Givers, Takers, and Matchers. The Givers, which are the ones who are proactive in helping others and doesn’t expect something in return, just pure kindness that runs through their minds. The Takers on the other hand, is the worst of the three because people with this kind of attitude usually doesn’t care about the people in the environment and puts their own interests ahead of others’ needs. Lastly, Matchers are the ones who wants to be fairly equal. If you did a kind effort for them, they will also do something good to you. Like “you scratch my back”, I’ll scratch yours” attitude. B. Synopsis/Critique…show more content…
Most successful people tend to succeed because of their motivation, will power, ability, and their ways of thinking a few steps ahead of every decision. Givers, on average, are more successful than their counterparts which is the Taker and the Matcher. We are raised to believe the importance in giving and sharing, but some people are being conscious in giving too much because of the judgmental people in the environment. They don’t like to give too often because people may think that they are too weak or soft. Therefore, some kind people who are willing to share their blessings are neglected and some of them turns into takers or matchers. Still, givers are likely to be on top especially in their workplace or office where there are a lot of people who are observing you. But as much as you want to stop people from thinking you are weak because of giving or sharing too much, you are actually hindering yourself from rising to the top. Instead, you should just ignore them and focus on making yourself better every day. Givers know that when you get a bad reputation, it tends to follow you especially now in our modern technology and social media era. Before the evolution of technologies and modern era, takers are more carefree and tend to abuse the givers because social media is not yet in action. But now, they are extra careful to whom they want to take advantage…show more content…
But when it comes to workplace interactions, our generous qualities don’t always shine through. But most of us actually spend the majority of our waking hours at work. This means that the way we interact with our co-workers during work period is a fundamental part of who we are. We should not reserve our giver values solely for our personal lives. We should also apply it to our professional environment because this is also critical in making good friends. Becoming a giver does not happen overnight, if you are naturally born to be a taker or even a matcher, it will take some time for you to adopt to a new reciprocity style which is the quality and personality of being a true giver. It may be difficult at first, but what is easy when starting? Almost all things are difficult during the start period, but once you have started, you don’t want to stop anymore. You will then realize the true meaning of being a giver because it brings success to your life, happiness, and self-fulfillment in almost everything you do because the fulfillment is truly
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