Argumentative Essay: The War In Iraq

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The war in Iraq
20 March 2003 was the day everything changed, this was the day Americans stepped foot onto that foreign desert land that we now know of as Iraq. Many people have their own opinion about if the United States made the right decision deciding to go to war with this country. There are both positive and negative attributes that have come from us going to war. As stated before Americans are either for this decision or against. Personally, I am against us going to war due to: the lies and perception of Iraq 's weaponry, the amount of money that has been spent on the war, the amount of lives taken, and foremost the illegal actions that were taken to start the war with Iraq. with this being said i am completely against the war in Iraq …show more content…

Americans were shaken and scared, so once the mention of weapons of mass destruction we took action because we did not want to take a chance of another horrid event happening in the US. President George w Bush attempted to reconcile with the dictator of Iraq without any success From Saddam Hussein This began to raise flags about the weapons. If they were not present, then why wouldn 't the dictator want to meet and try to resolve any issues with one of the biggest military forces in the world besides Russia. So George w Bush sprung into action march 20 2003 Launching the beginning of the Iraq war. Every since the beginning of the war with Iraq it has cost the united states tremendous amounts of money. Resulting in America going further and further into debt. Which in return brings the united states economy down, causing rage with the citizen because they are having to pay more taxes to keep the government going. The war not only affected the united states, but many countries such as Iraq. Whose government was already in shambles due the reign of the well known dictator Saddam Hussein. The country of Iraq is stuck with the rebuilding of their country as well as import and export reduction. Also other country

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