How 9/11 Changed America Analysis

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On September 11, 2001 changed America forever. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers killing thousands of people. George W Bush initial reaction as Commander in Chief of the 9/11 attack was a concern and strictly business with persona. After the emergency meeting with the President Cabinet his next move was to gain support from our allies. After pinpointing our enemy 's and their location. Setting up an Alliance with tribes in Afghanistan before the United States innovation let over our Special Forces gather intelligence. George W Bush demanded alQaeda hand over Osama Bin Ladan from Afghanistan. Eliminating the safe haven of al-Qaeda and the where about of Osama Bin Ladan would have to start with pushing the Taliban out of power. They refused to hand him over. On October 7, 2001 a month after 9/11, the United States launched Operation Enduring Freedom. With the support of Great Britton. The United …show more content…

The allies gained control of most of the northern parts of Afghanistan and took control of Kabul on November 13, 2001 after the terrist left the area. Then they got more restricted to a smaller and smaller region; with Kunduz, last Taliban city in the north of Afghanistan. It was captured on November 26, 2001. As the Allies continued their campaign to the south. At the beginning of the new year; January 29, 2002 the State of the Union address, George W Bush publicly focussing attention on Iraq. Which he said they are "The Axis of Evil". Then the United States had interest in weapons of mass destruction.. In the latter 2002 and early 2003;

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