Pros And Cons Of Operation Geronimo

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Looking at this topic for a persuasive essay, I am honestly on both sides of the fence here. Even though some would say “yes, president Obama had the legal authority to pursue Operation Geronimo” or vice versa I have come to the conclusion that I support both sides for several reasons. The only reason for my answer to be “no” is because “Operation Geronimo” isn’t a thing. My other reasons supporting “yes” is because of the September 11th attack and because of the actions of the past presidents of the United States as well as the potential future threats against our country.
Operation Geronimo To say that President Obama had legal authority to execute Operation Geronimo would be like saying he had legal authority to claim war on Australia. …show more content…

By passing security, his organization was able to plan and prepare one of the worst if not the worst attack in our country’s history. Hi jacking planes, and flying them into buildings and crashing them overall killing thousands of people was a major hit on the United States. Osama Bin Laden came from a very wealthy family. His father made a fortune working for the Saudi Royal family. In the country of Afghanistan and Pakistan he realized that it only took roughly 35,000 dollars to support at 1,500 supporters for his extremist organization. Being that at one point Osama Bin Laden was known to have roughly 750 million dollars that was much of a task for him to accomplish. After the terrorist attack on our country on September 11th, 2001, President Bill Clinton vowed to capture Bin Laden. Following President Clinton, President Bush did the same. Both Presidents performed numerous of operations in support of the war on terrorism. Congress had approved after the attack on September 11th to authorize the Commander in Chief to use force against those who had perpetrated the attack. They didn’t say “only President Clinton” or “only President Bush” they described the title which is universal to the meaning of the current president by say the “Commander in Chief”. President Obama fits this description. Being that Congress knew that CIA had operatives in search of bin laden, and that an order was issued years prior to capture or kill him, the argument simple became a “well, why couldn’t I be there to watch”; a child’s

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