Similarities Between The Holocaust And Darfur Genocide

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The Holocaust and Darfur genocides are both huge turning points in history and we learn a lot from them. Both the genocides left millions of people dead for no reason. The cause of the Holocaust was the rise of the Nazis hatred and anti-Semitism. One cause of the Darfur genocide was the Black Arabs being discriminated against. Also Hitler and the Nazis convinced the people the Jews were responsible for the bad economic state. The way they convinced the people this is because Hitler had a way of speaking which people always agreed with. Darfur was caused because of the desire to extinguish the African Tribes. There was poverty and a famine and the Janjaweed people were going around killing people in the villages.

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Unfortnely that is different than other genocides we say never again for the holocaust, which is done, however genocides go on every single day in various places. In Africa, Darfur, is still taking place today believe it or not. We cant stop all the other genocides happening daily its is beyond over all our control.

Darfur is located in Sudan that consists of mostly volcanic highlands. Darfur has a population of around 6 million people. The holocaust is located in Germany and has a population 82,422,299 and consists of mostly flat land, which made it easy for them to mass murder …show more content…

They both have many similarities and differences; in both places the person who is responsible is part of the government. They also both started because of racism and hating another groups because they had different religion. The reason why Hitler started the holocaust was because he thought that Germany was the best race. HItler blamed everything that happened during the Great depression on the Jews because of his hatred towards them. The reason why the government started attacking Darfur and its people was because they wanted to cleanse the region of the black Africans because they were taking the land from the Arabs.

The Sudanese government and army are killing Darfurese because they rebelled against them. The government sent the Janjaweed( a group of people who lived there ) to go kill all who rebelled against them and torture them and cause as much chaos as

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