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Literary Analysis of Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water

Slava was forced to run at age 11 “Then he was running, too. Running as hard as he could, into the bush. Away from home.” The civil war in Southern Sudan started in 1985. The text follows a lost boy who was sucked into a perilous journey and facing situations where a split second could be the difference between life and death. This essay will be about how Salva, the main character in Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water is able to survive and overcome a variety of challenges through his hard work, relationships, and perseverance.

Salva survives the first few challenges because of his hard work. Readers learn that hard work saves Salva’s life when he is left alone in the barn by a group of refugees but labors for the woman who own’s the barn so as not to burden her. The text explains how Salva ‘stayed in the woman’s barn …show more content…

The first piece of evidence that relationships help Slava survive is that Slava grew closer to Buksa, befriended Marial and kept close to Uncle Jewiir as he traveled with the group. The quote that supports this is “ It was good to make a friend” (30). This means that because he had made a friend, life was a bit more bearable. Another reason why having relations was so beneficial for Slava is that when Salva’s only friend, Marial, was eaten by a lion, his relationship with Uncle Jewiir helped him cope with the loss of his best friend. This shows that when grief strikes, Slava held together because of his relationships with other people. The third and final piece of evidence is that when Slava has dreams of going to america but does not speak english, he finds and aid worker who teaches him how to speak the language. This shows that because of his relations, Slava overcomes a problem that he normally could not conquer himself. So the second factor that led to Slava’s survival is his relations with other

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