Imperialism In Sudan

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Sudan is located in Africa next to Egypt, and it lays on the red sea. It was ruled at the time between 1896-1956. Sudan was at the time a backward, non-technological, simple life before imperialism. It had a lot of rich resources such as oil, natural gas, gold, silver, copper, nickel and agriculture which were the number one goal of any imperialist country. Sudan like any colonized country suffered from a lot of good effects and bad side effects some of them were short term impact and some are long term impact.
European countries had a huge technological gap between them and between the colonized countries, which was a huge advantage. They had way more advanced weaponry. For example Britain had guns and tanks on the other side Sudan had spears, …show more content…

After crating the Suez Canal Britain had a free market and a huge economical advantage because of the shorter route to Asia, the canal saves the European ships from going around Africa to going stright to Asia, it gained more money and goods fror using the Canal.
After the British left, Sudan is now and independent country that rules it self and runs its own economy but, since they left Sudan was ruled by the Arabian-Muslim side of Sudan despite the fact that the government was changed several times and it didn’t work, the two sides (Muslim and Christian) can’t agree to either be peaceful nor live together. At the time Cristians wanted a Christian ruler Muslims want their Muslim ruler (Omar Albasheer) which created a racial tension between the …show more content…

Now Sudan is on the top of the poorest countries list because most of the resouces were taken from Sudan during the 60 years span, from oil to natural gas to goods, a huge portion of them were taken by force. Sudan people lost their identity during that time, their language their clothes they were forced against their morals that they believed in. all of that was because a country wanted to benefit itself and take a short cut, Sudan now ended up with no good government, no equipped military and a weak

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