A Good Lie Essay

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4. South Sudan is an independent country from Sudan. Sudan was plagued with major civil wars, and those in the Southern region of Sudan were targeted and attacked. Southern Sudanese were killed off in large numbers; many villages were raided. Those who weren’t killed or sold off into slavery had to make mass migration to surrounding countries- the most being allowed in Kenya in refugee camps. The civil war in Sudan results in immense deaths, child soldiers, and many displaced people. South Sudan gained independence in 2011 from Sudan, many years after the civil war began. a. When Mamare, Paul, Abital, and Jeremiah first reached the U.S., they suffered from a major cultural shock. All the elements of their previous cultural experiences …show more content…

For instance, the movie introduced the idea of a good lie while Mamare was in his class. In Huckleberry Finn, Finn lied about not seeing a slave, when he, in fact, did. Finn told that lie in order to protect his African American friend since if he told the truth, Finn’s friend would be hurt or killed. The movie progresses and sets up for a good lie of its own. Upon discovering the possibility of Theo being alive, Mamare returned to Kenya, to the refugee camp, in order to find his older brother. When Mamare was reunited with his older brother, he commenced his task of obtaining a visa for Theo from any embassy on good standings with the U.S. After 9/11, the U.S. cut the visa program with Muslim nations that could have ties with terrorist groups, one of which was Sudan even though the refugees from Sudan were mostly Christians fleeing persecution from Muslim attackers. Mamare was not having any luck with getting a visa for Theo, but when Theo asked, Mamare said that he obtained one. This is a good lie, if Mamare told the truth to Theo, it would only cause distress in Theo since he and Mamare were leaving for the U.S soon. Finally, the ultimate example of a good lie was towards the end of the movie. In the line for security, Mamare quickly told that Theo from that point forth was to be “Mamare.” In Mamare’s mind, Theo gave him life after switching places with him, so the militants took Theo instead, so Mamare

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