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Persuasive Essay Outline Cadence’s memory loss makes it challenging for her to uncover the truth. Choose three characters that help Cady navigate her memories and what Cadence learns from each character. Paragraph One: Introduction Sentence One: Lead (Hook) Introduce the persuasive essay Imagine the anger of searching for the truth when your memories betray you. Sentence Two: State the title, and author, and provide information about the novel In the novel “We Were Liars,” written by E. Lockhart, Cadence is set in the privileged world of her family as she sets out on a journey of understanding her true self and seeking the truth about her past and her family secrets. Sentence Three: Introduce the novel in terms of the element(s) you will …show more content…

He presents the idea that there are multiple versions of reality, challenging Cadence to question the truth she has been presented with. Gat's perspective opens her mind to the possibility that her memories might not be entirely reliable and that the truth she seeks may lie beyond the surface of her recollection. By encouraging Cadence to consider alternate scenarios and perspectives, Gat plays a pivotal role in guiding her toward a deeper understanding of her family's past. Point: Explain another aspect of reason 1 Another aspect of Gat's assistance to Cadence in navigating her memories and uncovering the truth is that he helps Cadence see her family's dynamics, especially their racial and cultural prejudices, from a new perspective. Proof: Specific quote from the story (page number in brackets) During a conversation with Cadence, Gat shares his observations about Harris, noting how Harris refers to him as a "young man" instead of using his name. Gat suspects that Harris's behaviour stems from discomfort and racial prejudices, expressing, "He can't say my name or look me in the eye. He's fake with us. He doesn't like the idea of Carrie with us" (Lockhart, …show more content…

Proof: Introduce/Integrate a Specific quote from the novel (page number in brackets) During a conversation about their love lives, Mirren talks about her boyfriend and their experiences together. She states, "I have a boyfriend named Drake Loggerhead. He's going to Pomona, like I am. We have had sexual intercourse quite a number of times, but always with protection. He brings me yellow roses every week and has nice muscles" (Lockhart, 70). Elaboration: The 3 E’s – Expand, Extend, Elaborate (Provide insight and analysis) In this quote, Mirren openly discusses her love life, showcasing her candid nature. Her openness and willingness to talk about intimate details challenge Cadence's more reserved approach to personal matters. Mirren's vulnerability acts as an inspiration for Cadence, showing her that opening up and being vulnerable can lead to deeper connections and a greater sense of fulfilment. Through her interactions with Mirren, Cadence learns that vulnerability is not weakness, but rather a pathway to authentic and meaningful connections with others. Mirren's open-heartedness motivates Cadence to break free from her guarded nature and embrace emotional connection and

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