We Were Liars Racism Quotes

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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is a novel that explores the theme of racism through the character of Gat, a mixed-race Indian-American boy, and his interactions with the wealthy, white Sinclair family. This essay will analyze the racism present in the novel, using two quotes in each body paragraph and the APA format.

One instance of racism in the novel occurs when Gat is introduced to the Sinclair family. Cadence Sinclair, the narrator, describes her grandfather's reaction to meeting Gat: "Granddad looked him over. Then he said, 'I hope you know how to swim, young man'" (Lockhart, 2014, p. 47). This comment reveals the grandfather's prejudice towards Gat, implying that he assumes all Indians cannot swim. Additionally, Gat's appearance is also commented on by Cadence's mother, who says, "He's a good-looking boy, but his skin is so dark" (Lockhart, 2014, p. 48). This quote highlights the mother's bias towards skin color and how it affects her perception of Gat. …show more content…

Cadence describes how her family dismisses Gat's opinions: "Whenever Gat spoke about politics, Johnny laughed and Granddad said, 'Oh, dear, listen to the colored boy preach'" (Lockhart, 2014, p. 102). This quote demonstrates how Gat's opinions are not taken seriously because of his race. Moreover, Gat's interest in politics is also dismissed by Cadence's father, who says, "Leave the world to the grown-ups, Gat. It's not your job to fix everything" (Lockhart, 2014, p. 103). This quote reveals how Gat's voice is silenced and his agency denied because of his

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