Archetypes In We Were Liars

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In "We Were Liars" by E. Lockhart, the protagonist, Cadence Sinclair, is an outcast among her wealthy family due to a mysterious accident she can't remember. This outcast archetype is a key element of the novel, as it creates a sense of isolation and desperation that drives Cadence to seek the truth about her past. Through this journey, Cadence grapples with the light and dark aspects of her family's legacy, which are symbolized by the island setting and the archetypes of light and dark. The island itself serves as an important symbol of survival in the novel, representing both the hope of renewal and the threat of isolation. The Sinclair family's island is a place of refuge from the pressures of the outside world, but it is also a place where …show more content…

Cadence's journey to uncover the truth about her past is a quest for light, a search for clarity and understanding. This archetype is especially powerful in contrast to the darker aspects of the Sinclair family's legacy, such as their greed and manipulation. Through her search for light, Cadence seeks to break free from these negative influences and find a sense of belonging in her own identity. In contrast to the light, the archetype of dark is also present in the novel, symbolizing the secrets and lies that threaten to consume Cadence and her family. The darkness of the island's secrets and the Sinclair family's legacy looms over the novel, creating an atmosphere of tension and unease. This archetype highlights the struggle for survival that Cadence faces, as she must confront the darkness in order to find the light. Throughout the novel, Cadence must also confront the outcast archetype, which represents her sense of isolation and loneliness within her own family. This archetype creates a sense of desperation in Cadence, as she struggles to connect with her family and find her place in the world. Through her journey, however, Cadence comes to realize that survival is not just about fitting in, but about finding the strength to stand on her own and embrace her true

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