Archetypes In We Were Liars

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In the novel "We Were Liars" by E. Lockhart, there are several powerful symbolic archetypes that highlight the influence of wealth in society. One of these archetypes is the maze, which symbolizes the complex, confusing world of the wealthy. The Sinclairs, the family in the novel, live on their private island, where they are surrounded by a maze of walls and fences that keep them isolated from the rest of the world. This represents the labyrinthine complexity of their lives, where the wealthy have many paths to choose from, but few lead to true happiness. The color black is another symbolic archetype that highlights the power of wealth in the novel. The Sinclairs wear black clothing, which represents their wealth and sophistication, as well as the darkness and secrecy that surrounds them. The color black is also associated with power, control, and dominance, which the Sinclairs have …show more content…

The Sinclairs hunt on their private island, and this activity represents their dominance over nature and their ability to control their environment. The hunting group of companions also represents the power of wealth to bring people together and create a sense of camaraderie and exclusivity. The Sinclairs hunt together as a group, and this activity reinforces their bond and their status as a wealthy, powerful family. Finally, the unhealable wound archetype is also present in the novel, and it highlights the emotional toll that wealth and power can have on individuals. Cadence, the novel's protagonist, suffers from severe migraines that are caused by the emotional trauma she has experienced due to her family's secrets and scandals. This unhealable wound represents the pain and suffering that wealth and power can cause, even to those who possess it. Despite all their money and privilege, the Sinclairs are not immune to the emotional wounds that come with their wealth and

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