Comparing Ocean In Lord Of The Flies And The Maze Runner

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In the fictional novel, Lord of The Flies, by William Golding, a plane carrying many schoolboys crashes into an island in the Pacific Ocean. The pilot is killed, but most of the boys survive and see a desolate island. They build their own society on the island and hope that someone can find them. At first, they enjoy living by themselves on the island, but soon they begin to lose their sanity and realize that the ocean divides everyone on the island to the real world. As a result, Piggy and Simon are killed once the boys lose their sanity and become inhumane. In the film, The Maze Runner, by director Wes Ball, Thomas Greene arrives in the Glade in the center of a maze where he meets a group of boys. He has no memory of his previous life and quickly joins the group. He becomes a runner after quickly identify the clues of the maze that gives hope to the boys and Teresa that they can get out of the maze alive. Together, Thomas and his crew find the exit of the maze and passes their first test. Throughout both works of literature, the ocean and the maze are important objects that act …show more content…

In Lord of The Flies, the vast and unexplored aspect of the ocean gives the boys fear, for which it symbolizes the unknown. Same with the Maze Runner, because of the changing of the maze and the unexpected actions of the Grievers during the night, the maze also symbolizes the unknown. In both works, these objects represent isolation as well because they act as the divider from the rest of the world. In the Maze Runner, the maze initially prevents the boys from leaving the Glader and isolates them to make their own society. With Lord of the Flies, the ocean isolates the boys on the island and keep them there to build their own society and survive. Overall, the idea of the unknown and isolation are represented by the ocean and the

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