Lord Of The Flies Eulogy

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This past week, dozens of parent’s minds were put to ease as they embraced their lost boys. Over 30 boys were found alive and well on a deserted island after a plane crash about a month ago. However, some parents had no child to hug at the airport, as two children – “Piggy” Charles and Simon Anson both sadly perished on the island. The Island Times got an exclusive interview with Ralph from “The Lord of the Flies” in which he recounted his time on the island “We arrived on the island from a plane crash about a month ago, scared and hungry. The other boys elected me as their chief, but eventually Jack Merridew took over. I tried my hardest to defend the boys and keep us safe. It worked for a while, with only a few hiccups. My sidekick, Piggy (the first boy I met) was always with me, but the other boys didn’t like him too much. Tensions were growing and something happened to the boys. It was like we all returned to this primal state we read about in history books. It was terrible after that. Everything terrible happened and the island was divided,” Ralph said, clearly shaken. “We didn’t mean to hurt …show more content…

It was an offering to appease the ‘beastie’. It was no more than a pig head on a stick, nothing more. There was a rumor it could speak, but that was rubbish. The Lord of the Flies was Jack’s idea. Jack Merridew was a terrible leader. All he wanted was violence and more violence. Piggy and him, they didn’t get along. When the island split due to general disagreements, Piggy stayed with me. Jack was insistent on taking Piggy’s specs to build fire for their side of the island. We tried to stop them, but to no avail. We went after them and that was when- well, when Piggy was struck by a rock. He died, and the conch shell we used for authority was destroyed. I would have been next if it weren’t for the naval officer that saved us. It could have been me. Piggy didn’t deserve to die, nor did Simon. It’s not fair, you know?” Read more on

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