Lord Of The Flies Powerless Analysis

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Powerful or Powerless
The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is an interesting novel that shows many different circumstances that happen to civilization, for better or for worse, through the actions of children. Ralph, the main character, and Piggy open up the novel, strolling through the woods on this island that they have been stranded on after surviving a horrible plane crash. From their knowledge, there were no adults that survived the crash, but there were other boys on the island that they had yet to meet. By coincidence, they found a perfect conch shell in a pond nearby, and they summoned up their first meeting where Ralph and Piggy met Jack, a character that thinks he is born to be the leader and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks about it. After a quick vote, Ralph was elected leader of the stranded boys, leaving Jack jealous and vengeful. Golding expresses in the novel how people can be made powerless and put in danger due to their self image. As a way to express this, Golding uses the character, Piggy, to give the audience a sense of what it feels like to have problems and conditions that create a separation between people.
Piggy is a character with more of a sensible appeal to the problems that arise in this novel, but he is dramatically weakened after being caught time and time again envying Jack and Ralph. Piggy is described as a "fatly naked" (13) boy as he and Ralph are first scoping out and entering the pool, whereas when Piggy was exiting

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