Static And Dynamic Character Essay

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Dynamic Vs. Static Many things can influence one’s opinion, so that one can develop as a person. Some things are from others’ influences or a realization. People are always dynamic, because people change with their experiences. Even if someone is set in his or her ways, tracing back, there is a reason for it. Likewise, authors describe characters that show change to connect the story to real life. A change in a character makes that character dynamic, meaning they go through an inner change. On the other hand, static characters stay consistent and do not go through any inner change. Although in life there are never static people, authors add static characters to show the drastic changes a dynamic character goes through. Dynamic characters …show more content…

Ralph’s realization of power shift, loss of innocence, and whom he considers a friend changed. He learned the effects of jealousy and fear that lead to murder and betrayal. Most of the boys betrayed him and joined Jack, teaching Ralph the lesson of who his friends are. He learned Piggy may look different, but in the end, he had the most loyalty and reason. Jack’s envy of Ralph led to his outburst his disrespect for the boys’ right of speech and the animals’ right to live. This turned him savage and impulsive. Piggy’s character was constant in the story. Piggy managed to keep his sanity, loyalty, and reason. Ralph and Jack were dynamic, because their characters developed; however, Jack grew for the worse. Piggy’s character was constant, so he was a static character. The reason Ralph was added to the story as a dynamic character was to show how leaders can be affected when someone overtakes them. The author included Jack to show that change is not always a good thing. Jack shows how bad feelings like jealousy can lead to impulsive behavior and numerous negative consequences. Piggy’s purpose is to show how dynamic other characters are. Piggy is like the controlled variable in an experiment. He shows no change in a situation to emphasize how different the change is in others. Golding has done an excellent job describing how characters in fiction relate to people in real life by using both static and dynamic

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