Examples Of Dynamic Characters In The Color Purple

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In The Color Purple written by Alice Walker dynamic characters shape the storyline. A dynamic character is a character who changes throughout a story as a result of the conflicts they encounter during their journey. A perfect example of a dynamic character is Miss Celie. Throughout her life Celie faces challenges that she conquers by standing up despite her fears. Regardless of her oppression she takes a stand and changes her fate. As a young woman she was crippled by the weight of the world. After her mother died she was overwhelmed by the task of bearing her stepfather's children and trying to protect her little sister Nettie. Her lack of confidence and self worth took a toll to the words and actions of her stepfather. Even after escaping her father she covered her mouth when she smiled because he …show more content…

Shug helps Celie find the letters her sister had been sending over the years since Albert made Nettie leave. Albert had hide the letters from Celie in a box under the floorboards in the closet. Shug showed Celie the love she had been lacking in her life. Near the end of the story Celie finally acquires enough courage to stand up to Albert at the dinner table. Celie defends herself and says the things she’s been holding back. it creates a ripple effect as sofia revives from her repressed state back to her old vivacious self and Mary Agnes stands up to her husband and voicing her displeasure in her nickname “Squeak”. All throughout The color purple characters change due to their circumstances. Celie was very restricted and oppressed during the first part of the movie but she blossomed inspiring others to do so as well. Her change was taking control of her own life and choosing her own way after being ordered around all her life. Celie proved to have great courage for standing up for her human rights. Her dynamic change will be an inspiration for many who can relate in the

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