Nettie Exposed In Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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Have you ever notice in the book The Color Purple that the main character’s doesn’t break his/her roll playing in the book. “The main part to this story is that she had been raped by her stepfather and he wanted her instead of her mother. But her mother had soon found out that he had raped her and she put alphonso out of the house for what he had done. Celie and her younger sister, Nettie, learn that a man recognized only as Mister wants to marry Nettie”. This is quoted from the part 1 of my book report. There is one more person in the book that play a major role as well as celie and nettie and alphonso. The Minister Because he is the real reason that nettie gets marry to the guy Alphonso, he arranged for the wedding to happen in the first place.
There is a true theme behind this book and it’s the will to fight when the odds are against you ,so you have to keep on fighting to get strong in the life that you have or you may face. The book is basically telling a young Black African American that you can survive in this world she is saying that “If i can do it than you can to”. Then to Introduce the antagonist in the book Harpo is the mean father of the children and he doesn’t approve of nettie getting married to Alfonso. So Celie and her sister’s try to change his mind. But he said that he wouldn’t Alphonso refuses to let Nettie marry, instead …show more content…

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