Social Injustice In If You Come Softly And Sold By Jacqueline Woodson

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Every minute, an average of 24 people are displaced from their homes due to social injustice. Most people are put into situations with some unfair practices are being carried in their society. As a result of these unfair situation going through social injustice, people can go through hard times because they may feel unable to accept themselves, or their family and friends can’t accept them. Social injustice is a big part of our society today. In the children’s fiction book, If you come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson, the historical fiction novel, Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson and the young adult book, Sold by Patricia McCormick, one may go through hardships between their family and friends when facing social injustice.
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Isabel, the protagonist, is a black slave with her little sister Ruth. They live with a very cruel master that has very harsh to both the girls. Becky is the white maid and she is nice to the girls. In the text, it says, “I pushed her hand away and wiped off the flour. “Where is she? What did they do to her?” “She’s gone” Becky said. “Gone?” I repeated. “Gone where?” Becky studied her shoes again. “Sold.” [...] “Sold?” I repeated. “No, she's not, they didn’t” Becky’s eyes filled again “Yes” she said quietly. “They did” (Anderson 132). In this Isabel wakes up and can not find Ruth, her sister. She asks Becky where Ruth is and she tells Isabel that Ruth is gone and that madam sold her. Because they were black, they were put into slavery, making it so that Isabel and Ruth have to split and Ruth got sold to another owner. Then, Isabel was also separated from her father as well her sister. Isabel’s family is all black and they had to get sold into a family for slavery. In the text, it said, “And Poppa, he didn't want them to bust us up like sheep or hogs. “I am a man,” he shouted [...] Poppa fought like a lion when they came for him, the strongest lion, roaring; it took five of them with hickory clubs” (Anderson 11). Isabel’s father tried to fight for his family, for them not to be sold. And because they were black they had to be separated to be sold, but his father fought for them. And they took away Isabel’s father because he was black. Isabel never saw her father again because of social injustice. Curzon was Isabel’s friend who was also a salve and was also black. Curzon’s owners were patriots and during the Bellingham affairs, the loyalists were coming after the patriots. In the text, it said, “I searched for Curzon every day, but Bellingham’s affairs kept him out of sight. I was afraid to

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