Inequality In Richard Harland's Worldshaker

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Worldshaker is a text about a city within a juggernaut. There are 12,000 people living in the Worldshaker, and they face the problem of inequality. Two young individuals decide they want to make a difference so they start a rebellion and everything starts changing significantly. There are many circumstances in real life where individuals decided to take a stand and revolt against inequality and injustice. The book Worldshaker mirrors real life because it shows how people can discriminate against one another leading to inequality and injustice, resulting in people wanting to make a difference and revolt. Within the text Worldshaker, the two main characters, Colbert and Riff, decide to create a change.This is because they realised that inequality …show more content…

He wanted people to think about injustice and inequality and to have the personal responsibility to stand up against them. Inequality throughout the book was resolved in a way similar to the French revolution, that is to say, it was a violent uprising. A different example of change is when Mahatma Gandhi wanted to free India from British rule and he took the responsibility to campaign for this using peaceful methods. Another example of an individual creating great change was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he gave his speech “I have a dream”. His methods, once again, were peaceful, and very effective. In Richard’s depiction of life on the Juggernaut, he reflected real life situations of injustice and inequality. Ultimately, the theme “Individuals have the power to create massive change” has been represented in many ways throughout the book. This situation can also have been linked to real life. When people discriminate against one another, it takes individuals with great courage to change the situation in a positive way. Change can be violent and nonviolent and it is up to the individual to decide what they are willing to do and how they do it, but in the end, it is always a change for the

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