Social Injustice In There Are No Children Here

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In America, a teenager can be easily drawn into witnessing a family member being stabbed to death, trafficked into drug/gang cults, or receive severe damages to his/her physical body. Commonly, these kinds of circumstances call the responsible leaders in our community to action, but in the forgotten part of America, they continue uninterrupted. During the late 1980’s, the United States ranked as a developed nation with a competitive capitalist economy and better living standards for the higher social class. Their promises to defend critical human rights remained unrivaled around the globe; yet the United States still possessed areas with lower class people compressed into high rise projects and who struggled to overcome poverty, violence, and prejudice. The lower class people were often given very little to no resources or the …show more content…

During 1980’s, much racism and indifference to adversity openly ruled in places such as Chicagoan slums. Children aged untimely, stripped of their youthfulness, happiness, and ambitions. This distinct social injustice became very apparent in Alex Kotlowitz book “There Are No Children Here” through his successful application of figurative language, powerful expression, and appeals to emotions and logics. To readers, now the question become is whether to continue to turn a blind eye to the uncomfortable conditions of the poverty-stricken or to intervene in improving their cause to restore balance in

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