Argumentative Essay On The Color Purple

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What is something that every single person in the world cherishes? What is something that people long for? The Color Purple by Alice Walker stretches the answer to that question with a series of letters between two sisters that spans forty years. A story of women joined together by love and hardship, The Color Purple depicts the value of family. But ever since it has been published, the book has gained a reputation for being inappropriate, and not suitable for schools. The Color Purple by Alice Walker should be kept in school libraries because it conveys the importance of family, shows examples of overcoming hardship and discusses serious topics such as rape and death. The Color Purple is an inspiring, beautiful, and powerful read for teens. The Color Purple is important for teens to read because its most prominent theme is how family sticks together through thick and thin, and it talks about the value of it as well. Within the first 20 pages of the book, Celie is separated from her sister, Nettie. Celie is forced into a marriage, so Nettie doesn’t have to be. Celie takes all of her father’s sexual abuse, so Nettie doesn’t have to suffer. “They cry theirselves to sleep. But I don’t cry. I lay there thinking bout Nettie while he on top …show more content…

There’s rape, death, and many other aspects covered in the book. In this first page, readers are immediately met with a rape scene. While this is shocking to many, Celie recovers and gets through it. She was born with all odds against her, but she is a strong and selfless woman. Celie becomes prosperous and content, and the book executes a joyful end that is satisfying. People reading the book in a school environment are exposed to these topics and are able to learn from Celie’s perspective. “But I don’t think us old at all. And us so happy. Matter of fact, I think this the youngest us ever felt. Amen”

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