Examples Of Sacrifice In The Color Purple

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Sacrifice can reveal what people value the most in their life. In the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Celie sacrifices her childhood, her education, and her freedom for her sister Nettie. Celie’s sacrifices are not only representative of her value of Nettie, but also of the lack of value she has for herself. Throughout the book, Celie sacrifices the majority of what she has and gets extremely little in return. She never fights for herself and does whatever people ask her. Celie is pulled out of school, beaten, raped, and forced into marriage at an extremely young age. All of these sacrifices kept Nettie safe and educated, but hurt Celie, who only thought of her sister and not of herself. Firstly, Celie sacrifices her childhood to keep…show more content…
Mr.____ rapes and beats her, just like her father used to. When Mr.____ rapes her, she never fights, even though she “never enjoy it at all… Most times I pretend I ain’t there” (Walker 78). Celie not fighting against Mr.____ is another example of how she has no self-worth. She agreed to this marriage for Nettie, so that Nettie would not have to endure being beaten and raped adn could be a free and educated woman. However, even though at this point in the book she believes Nettie is likely dead, she stays in the marriage, thus proving the lack of value she has for herself. In this marriage, along with the beatings and rapes, Mr.____ doesn’t like to allow Celie to go places. When Shug is going to perform at Harpo’s juke- joint, Mr.____ doesn’t want Celie to come, saying, “Wives don’t go to places like that.” (Walker 73). Even though Celie has been dying to hear Shug perform, she does not argue with him. Shug speaks up for her, but Mr.____ becomes upset about letting Celie go, and mutters “My wife can’t do this. My wife can’t do that. No wife of mines… He go on and on.” (Walker 73). Celie still does not fight back against Mr.____ feelings of ownership over her, even when Shug fights for her. Again, someone is making an effort for Celie, but she is not making an effort for herself, demonstrating her lack of self-worth. b…show more content…
She has never thought about her own needs or desires, she has only focused on her sister. At the end of the book, Celie learns to think for herself, but she has still lost so much. Nettie has been able to live in Africa helping people, raise Celie’s children, and marry a man she actually loves. Nettie has been thriving, while Celie has only been surviving. Walker is trying to prove that women should never sacrifice everything they have. Though Nettie got the life Celie wanted for her, Celie’s life has been awful. In today’s society, many women sacrifice things that they don’t have to. Walker is trying to say that they shouldn’t, that women should think for themselves and make sure that they are safe, healthy, and happy. Women should never sacrifice everything they have for someone
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