Literary Analysis: The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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Literary Analysis: The Color Purple Every individual learns something new or different every day, whether it is somebody’s favorite color or learning something new about yourself. Many people can either learn from their hardships and past experiences, while others may learn from other people’s past through stories or guidance. Throughout the novel, The Color Purple written by Alice Walker, the main character, Celie, learned how to love herself, that everyone makes mistakes, and face her fears. One significant lessons that Celie learned throughout the novel was that she learned to love herself through the feeling of being loved by someone. The fact that she can only write and talk to God about all the terrible things that have happened to …show more content…

Since Celie was raped and used by her stepfather and Albert, Nettie and her separated; she blamed God for everything that have happened to her, she lost faith but she never gave up. Celie faced her fears by accepting her past and by forgiving people who have done her wrong. When she fully forgave those people who thinks that she was not worth it, she also learned that forgiving them made her life so much better and easier, realized that they can rely on one another as a family, and just live happily ever after. “It refers to the person’s desire for self-fulfillment, namely, to the tendency for him to become actualized in what he is potentially.” (McLeod 3) At the end of the book, Celie said that everyone is contented and that she felt younger than ever before; this shows that Celie had dropped her fear and kept her faith. Learning is inevitable. In The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Celie learned a lot of life lessons throughout the novel. She learned to be compassionate by getting the love that she deserved from the people around her, she also learned that forgiving others for their mistakes and dropping her fears will lead to peace and freedom of

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