Gender Inequality In Salvage The Bones

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In the developing western world, women have always been considered the weak link of the society. For centuries they have been treated as less intelligent and less important than men, and therefore, subordinate to men. Since, as a general rule, men are physically stronger than women are, such domination wasn’t hard to achieve. For hundreds of years, this mindset has impacted humanity’s understanding of equality and has left its mark on the way our society functions to this day. For the western world over the past few hundred years, and sadly to this day still having its impact on the general public, white males have been considered the most righteous, intelligent, moral, and thus, supreme to the rest of society. However, the issue of gender inequality must be talked about and equality must be encouraged. There are two great pieces of work, the novel Salvage …show more content…

The story is staged in the South during the hurricane Katrina in 2005. Esch, the only girl in a poor family of five, lives in a run-down house, the Pit, in the rural town of Bois Sauvage, Louisiana. She loses her mother due to birth complications caused by Esch’s youngest brother Junior. Fast-forward seven years later, Esch is 15, and she is already pregnant from a guy she is deeply in love with, who on the other side couldn’t care less about her. Similarly, Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple tells the story of a young girl, Celie, who lives in the early 1900’s in the South. By the age of 14, she has been raped and pregnant twice by her stepfather Fonso. Celie has a deep relationship and love for her younger sister Nettie, just like Esch is valued and supported by her brothers Randall, Skeet, and Junior. Both girls face struggles with men and are pressured to mature at a very young age due to the responsibilities that life, and men, throws at

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