The Color Purple Comparison Essay

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The Color Purple is written by Alice Walker, and was later made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg. The Color Purple focuses on a woman who is going through struggles in life, such as her father raping her as a child and her oppressed marriage. In the end she learns to deal with life through God and to take everyday as a blessing. Not only does the film and book speak about life struggles but also they share the points of happiness in the book, and love, in the film through the plot structure, the mood, and the journey to womanhood. The plot structure was different in the book and film. The plot in the written text centers around letters to God. In these letters she explains her feelings and her thoughts, it is almost like a diary. She went through her childhood up to her marriage, and then after she left her husband she explained what that was like. This helped to show her happiness since you heard about her feelings. In the film, the plot did have a few places where is did say dear God. However, it did not use this throughout the movie. Instead, it …show more content…

In the book Celie is a young girl near 20 when she gets married. She is writing letters to God and going through her emotions, thoughts, and feelings on the way. By the end with knowing Shug Avery and Sofia she learns to embrace her womanhood and stands up to Mister. In the end she states, “And us so happy. Matter of fact, I think this the youngest I ever felt.” This shows happiness, when thinking on childhood you think fun and laughter. In the movie they left out the part about her emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Instead, they just showed Shug Avery and Sofia helping her get to this. So when she stands up to Mister it is a bit shocking because you wouldn’t really expect this at the time. In the end she gets a house and she learns to truly love herself for who she is. This shows love and compassion while reuniting with her

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