Alice Walker's Color Purple

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The Color Purple is a novel, made up of letters written by Celie to God. Celie is a fourteen year old black girl, who has been raped by her father. She falls pregnant twice, but both children are taken away and put up for adoption illegally. Even she had got married off to “Mister”. Things are becoming a little bit better for Celie for a short while after her sister Nettie comes to live with her. But Mister refuses to allow Nettie to stay in his house unless he may rape her. Nettie escapes and promised Celie to write, but Celie never got a letter. Later it turns out Mister restrained them. After finding her sister’s letters, Celie decides to leave and to go to Memphis with Shug, an old mistress of Mister with who she became friends. When Celie’s

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