Abigail A Static Character In The Crucible

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A static character is someone whose personality does not change as a story developes. An example of a static character is Abigail Williams from Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. Abigail keeps the same goals and motives as the play develops. Throughout the play Abigail is manipulative of others around her and lies to benefit herself. The first two acts of the play show how Abigail manipulates others and lies to prevent getting in trouble for what she did. In the first half of the play Abigail lies and threatens others to keep from getting in trouble when her uncle catches her and other girls dancing in the forest. Abigail was caught doing something strictly forbidden in her society and is scared that Betty, Abigail’s cousin, may tell on her and hit Betty. The text states, “Betty, you will never say that again! You will never-’ Smashes her across the face: ‘Shut it! Now shut it!” Abigail is scared of what her uncle would do if he were to find out that she was dancing and drank blood. In act two of the play Abigail wants to be with Proctor but cannot and shows her jealousy of Goody Proctor. The text states, “Oh, I marvel …show more content…

Proctor knows that Abigail has accused his wife to try and get her killed so that Abigail can be with Proctor. The text states, “She thinks to dance on my wife's grave!” Abigail is deceiving the court by telling them that Goody Proctor is a witch and the court believes her since Abigail is believed to be a victim of witchcraft. As the play continues to Mary Warren is trying to tell the court that Abigail has been lying. To avoid getting in trouble Abigail uses her influence and lies that Mary sent spirits to attack her. The text state, “The wings! Her wings are spreading! Mary, please don’t, don’t-” Scared of getting in trouble Abigail says that Mary has cast her spirit on her. Throughout the play Abigail lies for her own benefit and manipulates

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