Odysseus As A Dynamic Character In Homer's Odyssey

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A dynamic character is defined as a literary persona who undergoes an important inner change; a change in personality or attitude. Odysseus, main character in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, is no exception. Despite facing the hardships of war and the challenges of the journey home, Odysseus keeps his tactical outlook. However, he does not remain the powerful and confident man that left Ithaka. Yes, Odysseus has god like stature, but years of growth and challenges reduced him to some of his weakest points. Despite not always physically aging thanks to sea nymph Kalypso and ambrosia, the years, heartbreak, and homesickness pile up on the hero mentally. Throughout his countless attempts to return home to his beloved Penelope, and growing son …show more content…

No crowding aloud, old woman. To glory over slain men is no piety.’ (Odyssey, 422) Odysseus has changed his ways of expressing himself and how he treats victory. The accomplishment this time was morbid, but he still keeps in inside. Although it makes sense that someone wouldn’t brag about killing many rich men, it's very different from the Odysseus we first met. Overall, Odysseus goes from arrogant to wise. This would make him a dynamic character since he has had many things happen to him and there is a change reflected in his personality. Previously, he walked into situations feeling invincible. He would always be planning and thinking but overestimating his power often altered the outcome. Odysseus is brave and strong, worthy of all the titles given to him. However, what makes him the hero he is is his ability to change and continuously gain new wisdom. He comes home to Penelope almost physically the same, but the things his eyes have seen have changed him mentally. Odysseus is slow, patient, and more appreciative than ever. Reading Odysseus’s change and struggle throughout The Odyssey makes this superhuman and godly man much more

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