Greed In We Were Liars By E. Lockhart

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In We Were Liars, a novel by E. Lockhart, the setting of the novel plays a significant role in developing the theme of greed. The setting shows their wealth and need to maintain power, it also shows the consequences of greed and more. All of these things combined, add up to the theme of greed, based in the setting. The Sinclair family's private island is a symbol of their wealth and privilege. The island's luxury attracts envy from people outside the family, making it an object of desire for many. The Sinclairs are aware of this, and they use their island as a tool to maintain their power and influence others. For example, they invite important people to their island, hoping to impress and be on their good side. They also use the island to keep their children in line, as it is a place where they can control their behavior and keep them away from negative influences. However, the island's beauty and exclusivity are also a source of greed for the family. They constantly attempt to maintain their wealth and status, often at the expense of others. …show more content…

The family is divided into two groups; the older generation, who have built the family's wealth, and the younger generation, who are struggling to maintain it. The older generation is seen as greedy and ruthless, willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their wealth and status. For example, Granddad Sinclair is shown to be controlling and manipulative, using his wealth and power to control his family members' lives. The younger generation, on the other hand, is portrayed as easily influenced by their parents' desires. They are shown to be desperate to maintain their family's wealth and status, even if it means hurting other

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