Examples Of Greed By Gary Soto

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Consumed by greed, author Gary Soto reiterates his first sin with imagery and a plethora of symbols as he is overpowered by greed and must accept God back into his life. To clarify, the sin itself was fueled by greed, which the then six years old Gary Soto was not able to resist. At the time, the author stole an apple pie from a bald grocer “whose forehead shone with a window of light.” (Line 18) It is as if Gary Soto is turning away from the house of God which is adorned with windows to let in His light. The author grins at the grocer and exits, at that moment he has turned his back on the house of God, giving in to greed’s temptation by stealing an apple pie; much like Eve stole the apple from the Garden of Eden. Once outside, Gary

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