Examples Of Greed In Beowulf

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Lastly, in Beowulf, he showed greed when he went into the cave to defeat Grendel’s mothers by stealing from her cave. Beowulf shows signs of an epic hero but he let greed get the best of him. He had his mind set on just killing Grendel and being done with his work. But once he killed Grendel, he had to defeat Grendel’s mother. When he went into the cave to defeat Grendel’s mother, he saw treasures everywhere. It was a temptation to take something but he had his mind focused on killing Grendel’s mother. Once that was over, he thought that it would be really nice to have something shiny and expensive. So he decided to take something from the cave. That’s when he messed up knowing that it was greedy and not right for him to do that. He also let
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