Examples Of Greed In The Crucible

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Whether human nature is inherently good or bad has been a subject of debate for centuries. Observations and analysis of said topic is often seen in the arts, especially in literature where characters are defined by their actions and behaviors. The Crucible by Arthur Miller, shows the shortcomings of humanity through the Salem Witch Hunt, of which include the monopolization and greed for power, paranoia and its effects, as well as dishonesty and is repercussions.Through the American gothic set in Puritan England, the prosecution and conviction of innocent women as witches is seen as the result of the aforementioned failures of their society, eventually bringing upon them great pain and unnecessary suffering. Among the faults of humanity that The Crucible demonstrate in its characters’ actions is greed and abuse of power and authority. With power often comes arrogance and abuse from the authority. When humans are given control over situations and the ability to choose how options play out, they often lean towards the choices that will benefit them most. The corruption of leaders and powerful figures are due to this selfishness-- and often vanity--in regards to their own reputation. In The Crucible, this is seen through Abigail’s controlling nature towards the other girls, “Let either of you breathe a word… I can make …show more content…

The “sins” of mankind that they commit, whether well-meaning or not, are examples of how humanity is often flawed and broken. Humans do have redeeming traits, but in The Crucible, three key disadvantages of greed and abuse of authority, fear-mongering paranoia, and lying are outlined as failures that serve no benefit in human behavior. Hence, it should be analyzed and learned from, to see examples of bad choices made by human nature and the consequences attached to warn the audience of its

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