Examples Of Greed In The Lorax

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Nature underpins our economy giving us shelter, food, water, and clean air. Without all of those things, humans would likely be unable to survive. In The Lorax, nature is oppressed because of O’Hare and the Once-lers’ profits off of the destruction of Thneedville's air quality. For O’Hare the more the air quality decreases the more money he will make and the more trees the Once-ler cuts down to make thneeds the more his business thrives. Essentially nature is oppressed by the greed of two men. In Thneedville the air is not very clean and every living thing is plastic; along with that, fresh air is delivered by O’hare’s air company. The city does not want to know where the trash and chemicals go and they are okay with their artificial city. …show more content…

There wasn’t a trace of anything living. Once Ted found the Once-ler he revealed that his creation of the thneed and his addiction to money was the demise of all truffula trees. He told Ted the story of how the truffula tree disappeared starting with the first tree he cut down. When he chopped down his first tree the Lorax (the guardian of the forest who speaks for the trees) arrived. The Once-ler eventually realized how he would affect the ecosystem if he continued to cut down the trees and promised the Lorax he would never cut down another tree again. He used the tuff of that singular tree to make his first thneed and once it became a hit in town he realized the amount of money he could make. He started his thneed business only by harvesting the tuff from the trees but when his family got lazy and realized how much faster it would be to bring in revenue by cutting down the trees the Once-ler happily obliged claiming “how bad can I be”. (The Lorax 55:35) The Once-ler believed that what he was doing was just business, “who cares if a few trees are dying”. (The Lorax 56:17) No matter how much the Lorax and the creatures complained and begged him to stop he continued until every last tree was gone and the entire ecosystem was destroyed. He was fully aware of the consequences but was blinded

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