Archetype In We Were Liars

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In the novel We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, the protagonist, Cadence Sinclair, experiences a devastating event as a child when she gets lost on a family vacation. This event is significant as it ties into the fall archetype found in the story, which shows the theme of appearance versus reality. The fall archetype is a common literary device that represents a character's descent from a higher state to a lower one, often symbolizing their loss of innocence. This archetype is evident in We Were Liars and is closely related to the theme of appearance versus reality, as the characters struggle to reconcile their idealized versions of themselves with the harsher realities they face. Cadence's experience of getting lost on the family vacation is a metaphorical fall from her comfortable and privileged life. This event, combined with the trauma of losing her friends, leaves Cadence struggling with the harsh reality of her situation. The fall archetype is also present in the story's twist ending, which reveals that Cadence's perfect family is not what it seems. The revelation of the family's secrets is another example of appearance versus reality in the story. …show more content…

Gat's character symbolizes a descent from innocence as he becomes more aware of the issues of race and class that divide Cadence's family. His realization about the Sinclair family's prejudice and privilege represents a fall from his previously naive perspective. This realization causes him to become disillusioned with the Sinclair family, further emphasizing the theme of appearance versus

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