South Sudan Civil War Language Analysis

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South Sudan’s Struggles and Words about Words
South Sudan’s Civil War: Kevin Sieff, while discussing South Sudan’s civil war, implies rather often that South Sudan is incompetent and that the United States is kind enough to help them out. Sieff uses a casual tone of judgment throughout the article by subtly implying that the South Sudan government is ineffectual and that it is a “failure” which indicates that he believes that South Sudan is incapable of solving problems on its own. While describing South Sudan, Sieff uses phrases that suggest incompetence in the political field and in the ways of running a country, however, when discussing the United States he uses more praising words such as “essential” while talking about governmental issues, …show more content…

The first being that words are often used to hurt others, whether it is by discrimination, bullying, or simple teasing, be it intentional or unintentional. Depending on how one uses their words, they can cause someone immense pain. Often times, people are careless with their words, as are many with loaded pistols, and they do not think about what they are saying which can result in hurt feelings. In some cases, words can cause someone to hate themselves and feel worthless, and sometimes can even result in death. Words need to be afforded as much care as one would give to a loaded pistol because when one gets careless with their words, there are consequences for both the abuser and the abused. Another reason is that, like a loaded pistol, words can be used to defend someone. If there is a person that is being verbally abused, then one can use their own words to stop the abuse, not necessarily to make a counterattack, although that is possible, but simply to prevent the instigator from causing any more harm to the individual at expense. However, unlike a loaded pistol, words can also be used in ways that help to heal. One can use their words to make a person feel better when they are in a bad mood or when something tragic happened to them. If they were being abused, words can help raise their self-esteem and make them feel like they are worth something, like they

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