What Are The Similarities Between The Crucible And The War In Darfur

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While many people do not like to admit it, there are heinous people in our world. There are those who are happy to have what they have, and there are those who will go to the most extreme measures to gain power. In the play The Crucible, Abby goes to the most extreme measures to gain power. This is similar to what Omar al Bashir is doing in Darfur. There are those who go to extreme measures to gain power for their own good, and there are people who go to extreme measures for religious or ethnic reasons. The Crucible by Arthur Miller illustrates how a town can commit outrageous acts to ensure an utopian-like society. This is also similar to the way the government in Darfur kills people to cleanse Sudan. Lastly, the consequences of these extreme actions often lead to death, as the they do in both The Crucible and the ongoing conflict in Darfur. Although there are many differences between The Crucible and the war in Darfur, you can easily compare the personalities of their leaders, the motivation behind their extreme actions, and the result of those actions.
In the country of Sudan, there is a region about the size of France called Darfur. In 1989, Omar al Bashir took control of the Sudanese government. When conflict between the African farmers in Darfur and the Arab nomads arose, the African farmers looked to their …show more content…

When John Proctor and some other men in town go to save their wives from being executed, Danforth says, “Twelve are already executed; the names of these seven are given out, and the village expects to see them die this morning. (Miller 4.255-257) The effects of power hungry and deeply religious people have led to the death of 19 people in Salem. 19 innocent people are accused of crimes that they did not commit because they believe too strongly in their reputation. Their convictions lead to certain death. The Darfur conflict is similar to The Crucible because they both result in unnecessary

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