Essay On Colonialism

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Mkumbukwa, Abdallah R.
A working definition of colonialism might be “the policy of a state or a national group seeking to extend its authority or formal control over another peoples’ territory, usually through force and migration of its own settlers.” Colonization is usually imposed by a mother state though it can also be imposed by a nationality or people without a state (Thomas, 2009: 3). In broad terms, colonialism refers to the process and later the system whereby the major European powers intervened in, occupied, settled and defined as ‘colonies’ (or dependent territories of various kinds) most parts of what is now referred to as the developing world. For …show more content…

settler and commercial. By citing the work of David K. Fieldhouse (1966: 11–22, 372), Thomas agreed, ‘the settler type involving displacement of the indigenous population and replacement by the colonist’s own settler population. It may be contrasted with the commercial type of colonialism in which the indigenous population is retained as a source of cheap labor and future market, (e.g., the British colonization of India)”.
The Colonial Bureaucracy:
According to the citation made by Soludo, et al., (2007: 262) on the view and meaning provided by Max Weber (1921: 1), that the state is “a human community that successfully claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical forcewithin a given territory”. Bureaucracy is the system of official rules and ways of doing things that a government or an organization has. It is a system of government in which there are a large number of state officials who are not elected. The involvement of complicated official rules which may seem unnecessary takes place. Sometimes Bureaucracy can be referred to as administration in the sense that the government of a country which economic, social and political affairs of the state. Normally administration has been featured by the presence of central authority in organizing, planning and running

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