Summary Of The Lost Boys Of Sudan

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BCDE. "Lost Boys of Sudan in Chicago." Lost Boys of the Sudan. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2017. Summary: The website discusses about the civil war. It tells about Their villages were attacked mostly at night. The boys, some as young as 4 years old, ran into the surrounding forest (girls were more likely to have escaped or died with their parents, or have been enslaved). They then started walking to a refugee camp in Ethiopia, where they stayed until the Communists overthrew the government in 1991 and forced the young boys to leave at gunpoint. Chased by Ethiopian government tanks and armed militia, the boys frantically tried to cross the River Gilo, where thousands drowned, were eaten by crocodiles or shot. Evaluation: This site wouldn’t be the site you rely on. A negative of this site that it doesn’t give you any links. But the facts are true, which is great. The author is mentioned. Seems like she’s an expert. Reflection: This site helped me explore some new things. The information was great, but general. Jithi Joseph. "History." Lost Boys of Sudan. N.p., 2010. Web. 01 June 2017. Summary: Most of the Lost Boys of Sudan were from the Dinka and Nuer tribe. Some were from other tribes of Southern Sudan, where hundreds of villages were burned, livestock stolen, and families were wiped out. Fleeing the violence of Sudan’s conflict, these children experienced insane horror and hardship. Evaluation: I would use this site as a starting point. The

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