The Massacre At El Mozote Summary

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The book, The Massacre at El Mozote is a significant book that is bringing the story about the Massacre in El Mozote out of the dark and into the light.The book is generally about how the Massacre happened and who was involved in it all. The things that are talked about in it are the El Salvadoran Civil-War, Terrorism and the people are involved in it all. The author, Mark Danner was trying to explain about how this all happened and how the rest of the world responded and reacted to it. Throughout the whole book there were questions appearing like, How did the U.S. play in the role to fight communism? What were people’s responses to Terrorism? Questions like these are significant to the book because they help us understand what everyone was doing in the book and helps the reader understand what happened. The book is organized as topically because the chapter title will be about what the chapter is about. Like chapter 4, “Hammer and Anvil”, they talked about what that is and how it relates to the story itself. …show more content…

Theoretical claims are claims like all of this was really a bad situation. It was sad and horrible what happened to people. The U.S. did have a huge role through it all because they were out to help the stop communism and to let people live their lives without anyone else trying to ruin them. On December 11, 1981 the El Mozote Massacre took place in and around the village of El Mozote. The El Salvadoran Army killed about 800 civilians during the Salvadoran Civil War. There were other soldiers like the Guerilla’s to help the villages during the Massacre but instead they ran off to protect themselves. The Massacre was like a small war that had a role through the Cold War and then the Civil

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