Michael Kimmel 9/11 Rhetorical Analysis

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A great terror struck our nation September 11, 2001, two aircraft’s hit the world trade centers, killing 2000 people and injuring over twice as many. A third aircraft flew into the Pentagon while a fourth crashed in a rural area in Pennsylvania. This day will forever be engrained into history as one of the worst terror attacks faced in this nation. Nearly three years later, in an attempt to figure out what happened on that tragic day, scholars came together to discuss the possible parallels between foreign and domestic terrorist. The author, Michael Kimmel, outlines the possible cause of the 2001 attacks and offers us a link between both foreign and domestic terrorism. Kimmel's essay is effectively written using ethos, logos, and pathos. “Gender,…show more content…
He makes the statement that men feel emasculated by “big business” bringing in immigrants to take the jobs of once successful men” (590). Kimmel tells the reader that these men take it out on “others” to make themselves feel more empowered (590). Using these examples engage the readers’ mind and emotions. Another example that strengthens Kimmel’s pathos is, “Defeated, humiliated, emasculated, a disappointment to his father and a failed rival to his sister” (593). Kimmel is not justifying the actions of Atta, but humanizing him. This is the point he is going for in pathos, to stir up the emotions of the reader. He ends by saying, “it is from such gendered shame that mass murders are made” (594). This is the last statement Kimmel makes, it was placed here to leave the reader to ponder what he is actually saying. Kimmel effectively uses pathos to share his final thoughts and values with the reader. Kimmel has effectively used ethos, logos, and pathos. He makes valid points to support his argument that there may be a parallel between foreign and domestic terrorist. It is important to take a look at this excerpt to see a point of view that the reader may not have thought of before. Overall, this excerpt was backed by many examples and was well
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